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About Lucie Blush has been producing and shooting pornos for five years. However, she felt like she was only touching the tip of the iceberg of sexuality. Taboos, politics, Tinder... Sex has become a source of headaches. So, along with her partner in crime, musician and sound engineer, she created CommonSensual: 'Here at CS, we want to truly explore sex, without the bullshit. We experiment, we laugh, we reconnect. We dive deep into our own darkness, only to climax even harder. Films, series, music videos, with real people who let us peek into who they really are. Everybody takes their masks off. Having sex just for the sake of it is boring, so let's make it interesting for a change.'
We are also making custom-made music for all our films. Sound is crucial to make good content, especially porn. It adds a whole new dimension and triggers your imagination much more than you think. All CS members can download our soundtracks.
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Handjob : Tips & Tricks play now
Hot Couture Ep. 8 : Katana play now
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